We’re back after a longer break than intended, sorry about that. It turns out that my main CPU unit came down with a harsh case of trojan viruses, about 250 of them infact, that basically corrupted and ate up files on my main hard drive. Mike and I threw all we could at it, and in the end the only way to solve the problem was wipe the drive and start clean. Not to mention, because of the viruses, my Amazon account was hacked which is another drama all to its self.

But I’m not going to dwell on that, instead we have some awesome character and world redraws and a new coloring style. Jinxed is very much a running experiment with cartooning and illustration, so stuff evolves and changes as I find new techniques and inspiration. Right now I’m crushing on two artists, Violaine Briat and Guillaume Singelin, and how they use line weight and color. All of us have serious inspiration from old manga and anime, which I think is just the coolest.

Anyway, final news update is that my dog Wheatley has another enlarged lymph node, this time his sub-lumbar lymph node. Currently it is 4cm in diameter, larger than the tumor last year, and is pushing on his bladder causing some discomfort. We have an oncology visit next week, more informatio will be available soon.