Witches & Sorcerers

Witches & Sorcerers

Hiya Everyone:

Just in time for Ohayocon 2018, I published a brand-new graphic novel- Witches & Sorcerers!

A little about the series: Lara is a young and eager witch fresh from the magic academy. Her dream is to one day become a powerful sorceress and make her mark on magic kind. However, her plans begin to slip away when she is assisgned to intern under the Sorcerer Guild’s grouchiest sorcercer- Ravencraft. Can you upbeat personality charm the notoriously cold Ravencraft, or will this be a clash of Witches & Sorcerers? 

I am super stoaked and the copies of the first issue came out wonderfully! W&S will debut in print at Ohayocon next weekend, any remaining books will then go up for sale in the new virtual bookstore. Currently I’m working on creating some mini-posters of both Jinxed and W&S to sell at Ohayocon as well. Like every convention, at-con commissioned “Buddy Badges” will be open as long as space is available. Spots do go fast however, come early everyday to reserve a commission if you want one!