The Paranormal View


Look, I’m blonde in this photo!

Every Saturday night from 8-10PM Eastern time (5-7PM Pacific) Henry Foister, Geoffery Gould, Barbara Duncan, and I host the Paranormal View Radio show on the Para-X Radio Network.

The Paranormal View is a very relaxed, round-table style talk show focusing on bringing together experts, enthusiasts, and listeners with varied viewpoints. Instead of focusing strictly on ghostly phenomena, the show’s hosts strive to provide listeners the best information available on an assortment of paranormal topics including cryptozoology, psychic abilities, UFOs, ancient mysteries, and more.
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I joined the Paranormal View in April of 2012 after several guests appearances on the show since 2010. The photos below are events that I’ve gone on with Henry since joining the crew.

Event Photos:

Hill View Manor with the cast of Ghost Hunters on SyFy

On October 20th, 2012 Henry and I packed up our broadcasting gear and headed out to the Ghost Hunters cast Meet & Greet at the {very haunted} Hill View Manor in New Castle, PA. There, we aired LIVE from the event and had a variety of guests on the show. Afterwards, Henry, Kerri {a friend of the show} and I got to ghost hunt around this famously haunted building with cast members of Ghost Hunters from the SyFy channel.

Kerri and I both witnessed a shadow person on the third floor, walking down the hall and peering into rooms as if it was on call and checking up on the old residents of the manor. Henry also recorded several EVPs that night, which have been played on the show several times since then.

Check out the encore podcast here:

Ryans Tavern Ghost Hunt + Live Show

On September 8th, 2012 Henry and I visited Ryan’s Tavern in Hamilton, OH for a paranormal meet and greet with a ghost hunt following afterwards. The event was organized by the Tri-OPS paranormal group out of Southwest Ohio.

Not only did we air live out of the historic tavern, but we also had a live stream video feed for listeners to watch while the show was on!

Listen to the encore podcast here: