In June of 2017 Kat with her friend Rachel Maquire started the Panel Power Podcast.  The podcast draws on the experience of both Rachel and Kat’s work in the comics and animation industry, as they discuss topics ranging from writing for comics to the basics of character turn-arounds, to tips on running a successful artist alley booth.  Listeners can submit questions to be read and discussed on air, making this an interactive podcast between the host and listeners.

Episode List:

  1. Introductions: Where Rachel and Kat introduce themselves to the wider listening audience.
  2. Spinning Failure: managing road blocks and guiding yourself past them.

(Upcoming episodes)

  • Writing for comics
  • Comic drawing process
  • Turn arounds and character sheets
  • Webhosting for beginning creators
  • (plus more when the episodes are recorded.)

Kat Biography:

Kat Klockow is an indie comic artist/ writer and is the creator of the graphic novel series Jinxed, Spiritus Maximus, and the upcoming series Witches & Sorcerers. Growing up on a steady diet of Calvin and Hobbs with an infusion of manga while living in Japan, Kat’s artwork marries the best of both world’s styles in sequential art. Since creating her first series, Miss Grey, in 2006 and publishing two non-fiction books in 2010 and 2016, she has collected 11 years of comic creation and publsihing experience for which to share with aspiring creators.

Rachel Biography: (forthcoming)