Found a blast from the past while cleaning out old files on my computer tonight, a video I made 7 years ago which highlights a lot of the adventures, people, and places that shaped my life in Nagoya and Tokyo. There are bits of Kyoto thrown in as well as Meijimura outside of Nagoya. A bulk of the video portions were filmed on a trip for a friend’s wedding in 2010, that this the married couple you see bowing at one point in full tradional costume. As an aside, you get to see what my natural hair color is too (what, it’s not naturally pastel wintermint green? Say it ain’t so!)

Parts of the video are missing as the didn’t render properly on the old laptop I made the video on. Plus, some of the photos are of horrific quality because of an old camera that didn’t adjust light well. But, the video is like a little love letter to Japan from me.  Also, thank you to everyone who helped shape my experiences in Japan! Heres to many more.

Music is “Mediational Field” by Susumu Hirasawa from the movie Paprika. Which is a wonderful movie. Fun fact, this is the first song that featured the “vocaloid” voice, which is now known as “Lola.” You would know her chipper cousin Hatsune Miku a bit better, though.

Keep being awesome,