Corpse Flower Press is a small woman-owned independent comic and graphic novel publisher. We focus on retelling the ghostlore and urban legends of the Cincinnati region and beyond with the talents of local artists and writers. In addition, we strive to foster a community for the arts by leading weekly comic drawing/writing prompts online plus leading panels and talks at libraries and schools teaching kids how to write and create comics. 

We produce supernatural-themed comics, graphic novels, and zines for kids, early readers, and young adults. Our current publications are the Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities comic anthology series that successfully funded two issues via Kickstarter; with our third issue planned to Kickstart in October 2024. We also publish the paranormal-themed SHAM comics by Tim Fuller, the first one is titled Frogman Funnies, as well as children’s sci-fi story Zombio: A Space Adventure and the fantasy graphic novel series Witches and Sorcerers

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@corpseflwrpress or @redcatcomics on Twitter

–Books, Graphic Novels, and Webtoons–

Miss Grey (2006-2009, 2017) — graphic novel

The Nine Lives of Maggie Monroe (2012) –webtoon

Jinxed (2014-2018)– webtoon

Spiritus Maximus (2016, 2023)– webtoon

Zombio: A Space Adventure (2018-2019)— minicomics (available only in print)

Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities Issue #1 (October 2020) print + digital

Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities: Trails, Trains, and Terror Issue #2 (November 2021) print + digital

Witches and Sorcerers: The Doomed Intern (reissue March 2022) –print

Kat Tells Ghost Stories: the Blue Man, October 20, 2022– print minicomic

Kat Tells Ghost Stories: Poltergeist Pandemonium, September 27, 2023 — print minicomic

Zombio: A Space Adventure- The Complete Collection, April 27, 2024

Witches and Sorcerers Graphic Novel #1, September 17, 2024

Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities Issue #3: Haunts and Horrors, October 2024

–Editor Credits–

Beginning in 2020 with my work on the Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities comics anthology project, I have dipped my toes into the world of comics editing and discovered that it is a fantastic fit with my particular skill set. I enjoy working with various authors and artists to polish up their work and help them develop their artistic voices. My goal as an editor is to strengthen and guide the creators’ writing and illustrations to best convey their stories to their audiences.

My background is in linguistics and interpretation with my BA in Japanese Linguistics and Culture Studies from Indiana University Bloomington which requires a standard proficiency in both writing and speaking English and Japanese.

Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities Issue #1, 2020

Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities: Trails, Trains, and Terror Issue #2, 2022

Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities: Haunts and Horrors Issue #3, 2024

Zombie Marge #2, HooHa Comics, 2023

Frogman Funnies, Corpse Flower Press, 2024

–Social Media–

Twitter: @REDCATcomics

Instagram: @REDCATcomics

TikTok @REDCATcomics

–Talks & Workshops–

Kat has led how-to-draw comics and manga workshops at libraries and conventions around the United States.

Montessori Borealis School, Juneau, Alaska- May 12, 2023

Summit Day School Comics Camp guest speaker- June 2022 and 2023

Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (CXC): Virtual September 30- October 3rd, 2021

Hamilton County Public Library LibraryCon 2020: (Virtual)  November 7, 2020

Hamilton County Public Library LibraryCon 2019: November 2, 2019

Anime Ohio: 2019

South Shore Comic Expo: , December 2016

Lucius Beebe Memorial Library; Wakefield, MA, September & November 2016

New England Super Megafest, October 2016

Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo; Cambride, MA October 2016

Rockland Public Library; Rockland, MA, January & July 2016

Ohayocon, Columbus, OH: 2008, 2012, 2014, 2015

Anime Crossroads, Indianapolis, IN; 2011, 2012

Ikasucon, Fort Wayne, IN; 2007, 2008

REDCAT is also on the board of the May the Fourth Tribute Art Show, which brings together local artists who create one-of-a-kind artwork which is sold to raise money for the charity Force for Change in conjunction with Lucasfilm/ Disney.

Pieces for the 2018 Art Show.

Pieces for the 2019 art show.

–Booth Set Up–

Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo 2023

Booth at Anime Central 2022


Copies of Jinxed volumes 1 and 2, with copies of Spiritus Maximus.

–Comic Page Samples–

Witches and Sorcerers (reissue 2022)

Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities Issue 1 (October 2020)

Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities: Trails, Trains, and Terror Issue 2 (November 2021)

Zombio: A Space Adventure (2024) Samples:

–Commission Artwork–