Although weather forecasters initially said that Saturday in Indianapolis was going to be a rainy one, thankfully it wasn’t for this year’s Hannah House paranormal meet and greet! This was the seventh year for the event, and {at least} the third one that I’ve been to.

In Nomine Paranormal Research team were kind enough to share some tent space with me during Saturday’s event. I arrived shortly after they did at 11AM with Paranormal Pup Wheatley, who immediately stole the show with is calm yet friendly demeanor.

Notable people at this year’s event: Rosalyn Bown {SyFy’s Ghost Hunters Academy member} who drove all the way from New Jersey to attend, Keith Age {the “Rock’n’Roll ghost hunter and star of the Spooked documentary series}, my mentor Wanda Lou Willis {paranormal author and retired folklore professor}, and Troy Taylor {nationally known paranormal author}. Dan T. Hall, who directed Ghost Stories 4, the paranormal documentary I was in, was also there with Wanda Lou.

Over the course of the day I got to see many new faces, generally people from the Indianapolis area that had an interest in the paranormal and decided to check this event out. One person that comes to mind was Bill, a gentleman who said he always had an interest in the paranormal but found it difficult to discuss with others who did not carry such an interest. He was delighted to see that the paranormal enthusiast community was holding the meet and greet and open to listening to his experiences! Paranormal enthusiasts want to socialize just as much as any other hobbyist group, that is why most ghost hunting teams were put together in the past, I think.

Enjoy some of the photo highlights of this past weekend’s paranormal meet & greet! {Because I am all about the photos!}969826_10103122239548779_1077513564_n

photo (5) photo (9)

I want to thank everyone who came by the table on Saturday, especially people I haven’t been able to see in a good year or more like Angi and Claude! It was another great paranormal meet & greet, and I look forward to next year’s!