It was a dark and spooky night, sitting alone in an old nursing home with two lovely ladies by his side was Henry, the brave ghost hunter and lead host of the Paranormal View. One one side of him sat Patsy, his doting wife and lover of things mystic, and on the other was Betsy Beatenhead, fearless guide of the Bell Nursing Home and someone who had an action-comic worthy last name.

Alone in the haunted old building the three sat, speaking to the disembodied voices of Geoffrey Gould, Barbara Duncan, and myself- Kat Klockow, who were on air from far away. But yet, from time to time, other voices would join in the conversation…voices, FROM THE DEAD.


If you are interested in listening to the latest episode of the Paranormal View, this is your chance! Just click on the box below and it {should} play!

Also to note, check out a few times in durring the show where we do seem to pick up some inklings of the afterlife. I noted three times during the course of the show where things just didn’t sound right. Check them out at 8:28PM, 9:04PM, and 9:28PM and tell me what you think!