-Artist Statement: {アーティストの声明}

Hello, I’m Kat Klocków An independent illustrator who got her start drawing comics in Japan over a decade ago. I draw a lot of influence from mid-century manga illustrators such Rumiko Takahashi, Tezuka, and Miyazaki, as well as American strip illustrators I grew up with such as Waterson, Disney, and Shultz. I bring a unique view of the world being brought up as a Westerner with a large adopted-Japanese family and friends circle, and the influence on my art is notable. It takes ques from both Western and Japanese sequential art styles and creates a fusion of, what I consider, their best attributes.

こんにちは、私の名前はキャット・クロッコーと申します。どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。同人誌作家です。10年前漫画やコミックを描き始めました。 私のアートは、高橋留美子、宮崎駿、手塚の影響を受けます。ビールワーターソン、ディズニー、チャールズ・シュルツなどアメリカの漫画家の影響を受けています。私は大日本人の取り込んで家族を持つ西欧人ですから、私がユニークなコミックを取り上げています。私の漫画は、日本とアメリカの両方の漫画が融合していると思います。


-Biography {一代記}

A 2007 graduate of Indiana University Bloomington holding Bachelor of the Arts degrees in both Japanese Linguistics and Culture Studies and Cultural Anthropology. A 2005 graduate of the Nanzan University Japanese Linguistics Program in Nagoya, Japan.  She is the creator of graphic novel seires Miss Grey (2006-2009), The Nine Lives of Maggie Monroe (2012), Jinxed (2014-ongoing), Spiritus Maximus (2016), and the upcoming 13 the Thirteenth and Spooky Kat Tails series in late 2017. She also is the writer of two haunted history books, Haunted Hoosier Halls: Indiana University(2010) and Ohio’s Haunted Crime (2016) which are both published with Schiffer Publishing.

Kat has leads how-to-draw comics and manga workshops at libraries and conventions around Massachusetts in addition to appearing at several comic book conventions. Most recently were the 2016 the South Shore Comic Con, Massachusetts Independent Comic Expo, New England SuperMegafest, and Rhode Island Comic Con.



Social Media:

Twitter: @katklockow

Tumbler: klockowcomics.tumblr.com

Instagram: @katklockow

-Current work & projects {現在の作品とプロジェクト}

New Jinxed series pages are updated every Friday and can be found on the website’s main page.


Jinxed page samples:

Note: Jinxed comic pages will be published as a full-color omnibus in mid-2017. 


Copies of Jinxed volumes 1 and 2, with copies of Spiritus Maximus.

Mike posting at my table at Rhode Island Comic Con 2016, with copies of Jinxed for sale.

Spiritus Maximus samples:



Illustration Art {イラストレーション}