Kat (sporting lavender hair) and Rosalyn Bown posing for a photo at the 2013 Mid-South Paranormal Convention.

One thing that I love about the paranormal community are the events that are held to celebrate our love for the strange and spooky in our world. Even before my first book was published I was attending conventions. In the drop down menu, you can browse through the various paranormal events I’ve attended in the past few years. Some are large conventions like Mid-South, while others are smaller get-together’s with paranormal teams.

Interested in having me as a guest at your event? Please e-mail me at and I will get back to you! I am also a member of Haunted Entertainment and Ideal Event Management through the Paranormal View.




2015 (Paranormal) Event Schedule

August 8th, 2015: the annual Hannah House Paranormal Meet & Greet- Indianapolis, IN