Zombio: A Space Adventure

Written by Mike Klockow (age 9)

Illustrated by Kat Klockow

Original publication date: 2017, 2018, 2019-

Omnibus publication date: April 2024

Awards and nominations: Nominated for the 2019 Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo Prize in the mini-comics category.


Journey to the land of Zombio with Mike and his trusty dog Wheatley. One night Mike discovered Zombio, which started him on two wild trips to the mysterious planet full of shopping zombies.

About the comic:

Originally written by Mike as a creative writing assignment in his fourth-grade class, it was adapted into a mini-comic series by his wife, Kat, a professional cartoonist. Kat stumbled across the original stories while unpacking their library after a cross-country move, and found them so delightful that they needed to be elevated into comics. The stories together act as a fascinating interpretation of 1980s American consumerism and mall culture interrupted by a young child obsessed with space travel and sci-fi stories.