Tonight on the Paranormal View Radio show we have guest Darrell Whisman, the caretaker of the haunted Poasttown Elementary School!

Poasttown is a location that I have come to be familiar with as a ghost hunter since moving to the Cincinnati area. It sits just 45 minutes away from me, in Middletown, Ohio (yeah, to a Midwesterner a 45 minute drive is considered “close”) and I have done both private and public ghost hunts there not to mention quite a few paranormal conventions.

I’m sure we’ll get to the topic tonight of personal experiences at Poasttown, which I have many! Though I will admit, most occurred during one particular public investigation turned private in 2012. To make a long story very short, I was a guest speaker at a {poorly} attended paranormal convention, with the special ghost hunt at Poasttown later that night. Well, later that night arrived and it turned out that I was on the only person who attended.

poasttown elementary nothing like it


Teresa Lynch, one of the owners of Poasttown, gave me a private tour and we did a little ghost hunting in the mean time. Teresa is a lovely woman who knows the ins and outs of the building, especially since she and her family live on the property (as does Darrell in a different apartment). For me the most activity occurred while we were in the old principle’s office!

While there, we did the flashlight experiment wherein you have one (I prefer two) twist style flashlights twisted out to the point where the circuit connection to complete the electrical connection to turn on or off the light is just barely touching. Personally, I am not a fan of this technique, but tried it anyway with two Maglight flashlights, on the same self just four inches apart. Using these lights we communicated with what we believe to have been the ghost of Emma (if I remember correctly) a woman who died in the train accident in the early 1900s that occurred on the now Poasttown property. Teresa and I witnessed the spirit,ghost, whathave you, turn both lights on and off simultaneously, something that should not happen given normal circumstances. Meanwhile, we heard what sounded like kids running up and down the hallways slamming doors and moving furniture.


On a different trip I witnessed a shadow person walk, in broad daylight, across a hallway. This was in the “teachers hallway” from rooms 16 to 15, if memory serves me correctly. They are just standard school rooms with desks and such. I did have one witness to this, Sophie the para-pup! She followed the shadow person from room 16 where she was standing with her owner David, to room 15!


Sophie resting, you can see the equipment strapped to her harness: an EMF detector and digital voice recorder.


Sophie on the hunt for ghosts around Poasttown, she seems to bring out the spirits of children in the building.

I’ve always enjoyed going to Poasttown for investigations, all sorts of things occur there from doors closing on their own, to apparitions, and of course many EVPs. If interested, please visit their homepage to get more information about this very active location!