Yesterday was the first every Paracon as the Strand Theater in Shelbyville, Indiana. It was organized by Dan T. Hall, director and owner of Vizmo Films, and turned out to be a pretty neat little paracon. We’ve missed them in the Hoosier state this year with the loss of the huge Paranormal Meet and Greet at the Hannah House in Indianapolis which is usually in August. Being the first year of this paracon, there were a few familiar faces in the vendors room like Gail and the ladies of the Roads Hotel in Atlanta, IN and other alum of Dan’s documentaries: psychic-medium Marilene Isaacs and psychic-medium Cassidy Rae.

Attendees got to watch a number of Dan’s films at the paracon with the inbetween times being filled with trips to the vendors room. It was great talking to the variety of people about haunted locations in south-central Indiana, what’s haunting Cincinnati, and my work with Japanese sister-cities with the Mayor of Shelbyville who has visited their city’s sister-city in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Below are photo highlights of the event. You’ll notice that there are some fun filter colors going on with the photos, that’s because I was playing with color combinations with my new set of lens filters for my Canon T3.