Hiya Everyone,

If you had noticed, Spiritus Maximus and Jinxed haven’t updated on their regular schedules (Every Monday for SM and every Friday for Jinxed). The Thanksgiving holiday plus just over-exertion of conventions has been partly to blame.


However, we have recently learned that Wheatley, my beloved dog, has cancer. It has shocked not only Mike and I, but also our veterinarian since Whatley is unusually young at five years old to develop cancer.  The type of cancer he has is known as an Anal Sac  Adenocarcinoma, it is a tumor that grows inside one of the anal sacs ( the glands located next to their bum which lets out pheromones when they poo). So, in short, my poor Wheatley has bum cancer.  It was discovered during his annual physical recently.

Bum cancer sounds funny, like a weird joke and I don’t fault you for giggling a bit. However, colon-rectal cancer is extremely fast to spread (even in humans) and is quite life-threatening. He has a battery of tests to undergo before having surgery in mid-December. Surgery is the only way to keep it from spreading, if we have caught it early enough. Let’s hope that is the case.

So, please expect some updates to be missed or on odd days as I update as the pages are completed. This is the reason why, because I am scheduling and attending all these tests and surgeries.

Thankfully, Mickey, our other dog, is very healthy and continues to let us know that not enough attention is being given to her.

Thank you for your understanding,