Hiya Everyone,

This fall has been a whirlwind of conventions and promotional interviews for my new book Ohio’s Haunted Crime. Now that all the major conventions are finished (there is one more, the South Shore Comic Con in December 3rd, 2016) there is time to finally share videos and photos from these events! First up, New England Super Megafest (or just SMF for short.)

First off, I was the only featured female artist at Super MegaFest, although I wasn’t the only female artist at the convention. Heather Farrington was my right-side artist alley neighbor, and I know there was another female artist named Kat at the event (her art was fantastic but I never got to meet her.) To my left in the artist alley was Zeke Savory Jr., who was a fantastic American comic style artist. I currently have a sketch card of Ghost Rider he did hanging up in my studio (line art goals.)



Arist Alley neighbors, Heather Farrington and her husband.


Zeke Savory Jr. (and his girlfriend Allen) were my artist alley neighbor to the left of our table.

The weekend of Super MegaFest was a bit of a roller-coaster thanks to the weather. New England weather is supremely unpredictable, and the Friday evening of the convention heavy rain was pouring down on Malborough, Massachusetts. There were a few attendees at the start of the convention, but they slowly left as the afternoon went on. Around 7PM, all the vendors and artists were socializing with one another when simultaneously all our cell phones went off- it was a NOAA flood alert!

A little later, after the con closed for the day (I think around 9PM) we filed out to our cars only to find that the parking lot was quickly filling with flood water. Maybe 2-3 inches of water and filled the parking lot since it was raining so fast and hard that the drains were flooded. Mike took the wheel of the car and navigated around flooded parts of road ways and through a very flooded intersection were an active mudslide was occuring. The manhole covers were bursting with water, one was hovering about 3 inches up off the road because the drainage system couldn’t hold the all the rain. A drive home which should have taken an hour ended up taking an extra 45 minutes. We got home, and collapsed on the bed.


FunKo Pop figures of original characters from Jinxed (Kiba, Aria, and Kon) and Spiritus Maximus (Munny and Sawyer who looks like a blueberry.)

Thankfully, Saturday and Sunday did not see the same weather! With cloudy skies overhead, attendees started to file in early on Saturday and again on Sunday. What I really loved about SMF was the high amount of cosplayers at the con! Although I don’t cosplay myself, I do love seeing excellent cosplay outfits which add a layer of jubilance to the atmosphere of a convention. Since I don’t get out from my table too often, most of these pictures were taken at my artist alley table by cosplayers who passed by.


This was an AWESOME Ghost Rider cosplay, and I talked to the gentleman who made it for a good half hour about its construction. Brilliant, just brilliant.




There are even more cosplay pictures, but my computer isn’t letting them load properly (check back later for the rest.)

On Sunday I lead a how-to-draw comics workshop which was popular and went over very well, however I need to request table space or drawing boards for people to use! Participants had a lot of great questions, and I’m still looking into James’s question about the Line of Action. (^_~) Later on at Rhode Island Comic Con, one of the participants even found me and showed me his work since SMF! Awesome!

All in all, it was a great time meeting everyone at Super MegaFest 2016! Hoping to return next year, and run another how-to-draw comics panel.

If you have a convention suggestion for me, please e-mail me at klockowcomics@gmail.com, or better yet, let the convention know and have them contact me!