On last week’s episode of the Paranormal View radio show, something very strange happened. The topic of last week’s show as the recently revealed Area 51, near the end of our 2 hour long show we had Patrick McCormick, who had been a member of the US Air Force, talk about his thoughts on the news and friends experience with directing flight traffic around Area 51 and working inside the facility. During his interview, we encountered Direct Voice Phenomena (DVP)…

I will note that I did have friends over, however they were in another room at the other end of my house, and because of them being here during the show time, my mic was muted most of the time (helped to keep their random bouts of laughter out).

Patrick is introduced to the show at 1:49:00, but the DVP comes up at 1:54:00 on the show. http://theparanormalview.podomatic.com/entry/2013-08-17T19_24_51-07_00

It’s truly mysterious as to whose voice we picked up. Could have been a error by Skype, accidental bleed-through from the line? It only happened once (on this show). It isn’t an unfamiliar event however, many times when we have psychics on the show doing readings we get odd interference or Direct Voice Phenomena.

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