This weekend on the Paranormal View we have John Maxwell of Headstone Healers as our guest.


A little note on what Headstone Healers of Indiana does:

Headstone Healers of Indiana was co-founded by John Maxwell & Tracy Wilson. While doing research in Owen County, Indiana, we noticed in many of the cemeteries we went to, there was a lot of headstones that had fallen, broken, or covered in growth. Our mission is to clean, repair, photograph, & map these final resting places and help restore the headstones back to their former condition. In doings so we want to make sure all Military headstones/markers are in respectable condition. We never charge for working on Military headstone/markers and cover our cost by putting all donations and profits from work done on personal headstones in that fund. We appreciate your support in our endeavors hope you keep coming back for updates on our progress. –

Come and Enjoy the show from 8-10PM Eastern time on