***This is the fourth day of the One-Week Cartooning Workout created by the Center of Cartoon Studies. If you are interestedin participating in the cartooning workout, you can sign up here.***

Here is today’s challenge:

Take your favorite anecdote from yesterday’s challenge and break it down into no more than twenty-four thumbnail images using one index card per panel. Don’t spend too much time on these drawings. They are a plan that you will use to later draw the finished comic. Keep things simple and loose so that you can get into the “graphic design” nature of thumbnailing- moving elements around to to create a pleasing and legible formal arrangement. This isn’t a time to make detailed drawings. Make sure at least five panels capture a sense of place.
Ummm, okay. I *think* I may have 24 index cards to make 24 panels? Since Nor’easter Stella blew through, I’m really not leaving my house to go get more. {Wanders around the house to look for index cards for the next 10 minutes.}
Oh hey, good news, I managed to find some old index cards left over from making kanji flashcards! They are bit on the large side (5×3″ each) but they’ll do I think! 
[24 hours later]
Well, I managed to draw up the index cards as instructed! However, I only managed to fill up 20 cards instead of 24 as suggested. Not too shabby, but really this exercise took A LOT of time. So much time in fact, that the last 10 index cards just have wat I plan to sketch onto them instead of a quick sketch because there just wasn’t enough time.
This is a recurring problem I’m finding with the CCS Cartoon Workout, whoever put this together is clearly out-of-touch with the demands of normal working people and families. The exercises just take a little too much time to complete, and are only getting longer.