If you have followed Klockow Comics for awhile, on any social media platform, you probably have seen more than a fair share of Wheatley photos and comics. He’s my six year old doggo, and has been battling Lymphoma for the past year.
It started last year when he had an anal sac carcinoma, a tumor which grew in the anal sac and duct (I know, not a pretty place to have a tumor, but cancer is never pleasent.) He has surgery last year and had it removed, thankfully early enough not to have spread.
Or so we thought.
His March and June blood tests came out clean, but when we did our October check up they found another tumor, this time in his sub-lumbar lymph node. This is located much more internally than the previous tumor, and currently it is 4cm in diameter and pressing up against his bladder causing a lot of discomfort for Wheatley.
We have an oncology visit and consulation this upcoming Wednesday. He is abnormally young to be dealing with cancer, but here we are. Surgery is a likely thing to happen in November, and possibly chemo treatments for the rest of his life (taken as daily pills, not the hook up human cancer patients may recieve.) But until the consult on Wednesday, it’s all up in the air.
As for Wheatley, he still has his appitite and energy, but with cancer that can fade quickly. He is starting to walk slower during our daily walks, which is concerning and randomly chattering his teeth (how dogs express pain.) Mickey, our other dog, has been attentive to Wheatley and taking things slow around him too.
We will keep you updated on Wheatley and his cancer journey. Hopefully we can stop these lymphoma flare ups so he can live a long and happy doggie life and so he can complete social therapy dog training.