After over four years of weekly updates, I have decided to stop producing Jinxed as a weekly webcomic. This isn’t the first time I have ceased work on a comic, it probably won’t be the last, but it is a rough thing to do nonetheless. It comes as a surprise for many readers, who expected the adventures of Kon, Aria, and Kiba to continue for a few more years. But for those (few) of you who did read it, I did want to explain why I’m putting Jinxed down for a while and moving onto other projects.

  • Change in publishing schedule: Because of my pregnancy and later having a little one around the house, I need to change my publication schedule to accommodate being a new mom. My comics will be coming out twice a year in large episodes instead of the demand of weekly page updates which does wonders relieving stress.
  • Plot based stories are not my thing: Since working on Jinxed I have discovered that long form plot based stories are not what I am skilled at writing. More episodic and character based stories, like Witches & Sorcerers and Zombio, are what I am skilled at writing.
  • Inconsistent art design: This is a huge issue that I’ve suffered with and I don’t know many other artists who do, honestly. My style of illustration is constantly changing as I learn new techniques and gain inspiration from others- but sometimes it comes off as whiplash for readers. Plus my color choices and ability to color the panels is outright horrible. Those need to improve and I’m working on it.
  • Dwindling readership: A big reason why many stories get cancelled in the publishing world, not enough readers. This past calendar year was rough on my publishing schedule, moving across the country, Wheatley having major surgery, and finally the rages of morning sickness in my first trimester decimated my routine schedule. I am not surprised that so many readers left, but now I have nearly as many readers as I did when I started four years ago. Without growth, it’s time to stop a series.

Jinxed will be returning at a later date as (most likely) a Comixology completely redrawn graphic novel series that will appear either quarterly in 24 page stories, or twice a year in 50 page stories. Although it won’t appear this year, more Witches and Sorcerers and Zombio: A Space Adventure, will be out in 2018!

Thank you for your understanding,